Francesco Placanica
Managing Director

About Us

Placanica is a High-Stakes Leadership Diplomacy Firm working among Australia's most successful CEOs and Leadership Teams.

Our purpose is to help world class CEOs and Leadership Teams collaboratively build a sustainable future.

Our Results

“As an avoidant CEO my playbook was that everyone got along. It wasn’t until I learnt to get upset with my team (and they loved it) that the real transformation journey began. All thanks to Placanica.”

CEO, Energy Company

“If you’re replacing an extravert CEO with an introvert and you don’t have a plan, then seriously consider engaging Placanica. Otherwise be ready for the fallout”.

Chairman, Energy Company

“We were facing a number of cultural challenges associated with a growing business, leadership succession and changing employee expectations. Placanica uncovered the living system, which was at the core of our cultural identity and helped drive our growth strategy.”

Director, Engineering Company

“Partner succession in our firm had always delivered mixed results. In a nutshell, we thought we knew people but we had no idea. Placanica totally transformed how we plan, select and develop future partners to be ready for succession.”

Partner, Law Firm

“How do you get a strategy to market when the CEO and Executive Team are not aligned? Engage Placanica.”

Chairman, Financial Services
Our Difference

We go where no one else wants to go.

Invisible dynamics are the key challenges to getting things done in these uncertain times.

We help successful leaders get to the bottom of the root cause influencing the invisible dynamics, which are keeping leadership teams stuck and stymying results.

Invisible dynamics and their root cause are uncovered with evidence-based practices, by practitioners who are experienced in Boardroom team dynamics and group process.

You cannot solve
non-rational problems using a rational-only approach.

With an empirical and evidenced based 'real-time' adaptive approach, Placanica attends to the root cause of your most complex and intractable challenges, by getting the leadership team to the real agenda quickly.

Our ultimate goal is to guide Leadership Teams in developing their adaptive capacity, so they can adequately and competently thrive in uncertain times.

“Collaboratively solving leadership challenges delivers a strong competitive advantage”.

Francesco Placanica
Managing Director

Our Aproach

The presenting challenge is rarely the real challenge.

We’re often called in after the Leadership Team has exhausted all avenues to solving the presenting challenge, only to find that the presenting challenge wasn’t the thing they needed to focus on.

We take an evidence-based and collaborative approach to uncovering ‘invisible dynamics’ that can inhibit or leverage growth.

We begin with one-on-one listening followed by group dialogue, remaining open and attuned to differing perspectives, which co-create pathways to unlocking the real agenda.

Our key deliverable is to help Leadership Teams collaboratively step up and adapt to the challenges ahead; ultimately unleashing concrete results.

Board and Executive Team Effectiveness

Supporting Chairs and CEOs with building / re-establishing collaborative leadership, which enhances team cohesion and has a powerful cascading affect.

Collaborative Leadership Workshops

For Leadership Teams stepping up and adapting to the challenges ahead, through the use of collaborative processes, which deliver sustainable performance.

High-Stakes Leadership Diplomacy

Assisting CEOs and Leadership Teams facilitate high-stakes leadership challenges through a dynamic, real-time and collaborative approach.

Leadership Psychometrics & Team Profiling

Psychometric and profiling assessments to support the recruitment, selection, development and coaching of collaborative leaders and teams.

Collaborative Leadership Development

Co-designing and co-delivering collaborative leadership training and coaching for developing agile and adaptive ‘team’ managers, leaders and leader-coaches.

Psychosocial Hazards Practice Management

Implementing collaborative practices and tools to manage psychosocial hazards, with periodic audits, reviews, ongoing monitoring and remediation strategies.

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"Collaboratively solving leadership challenges delivers a strong competitive advantage".

Francesco Placanica
Managing Director